McDonald’s Trying Vegan McNuggets

McDonald’s Trying Vegan McNuggets


photo credit: CHALERMPHON SRISANG // Shutterstock

McDonald’s is trying something new: vegan food.

The vegan menu will start with vegan, chicken-free mcnuggets. They’ll be made with mashed potato base that is mixed with chickpeas, onions, carrots, and corn, then coated in breadcrumbs until they’re crispy.

They’re currently being tested out in Norway. In Chicago, the vegan burger was introduced in December, calling it the “McAloo Tikki,” which is one of the chain’s best-selling products from its restaurant menu in India.

The McAloo Tikki features a veggie patty that is made from potatoes and peas, topped with red onions, tomato slices and an eggless tomato mayo. Despite many U.S. consumers looking for more vegan options at McDonald’s, the McAloo Tikki hasn’t rolled out anywhere else in America.

Written by Clarke Jones