Rumor or Fact: Wendy Williams Knows Her Husband is Cheating, But Told Him Not to Humiliate Her Publicly

Rumor or Fact: Wendy Williams Knows Her Husband is Cheating, But Told Him Not to Humiliate Her Publicly

By lev radin

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It seems that Wendy Williams may know her husband Kevin is cheating, but they have an agreement, “don’t humiliate me.”

This week, Wendy revealed that for the past 2 months she has been living in a sober house dealing with addiction-related issues. For those who do not know, Wendy did coke in her past. She even spoke on her husband’s cheating when she returned from her break saying, “Don’t ask me about mine until you see this [ring] gone,” she said, slamming rumors that her husband, Kevin Hunter, impregnated his mistress. “It ain’t going anywhere – not in this lifetime.” 

Now reports are coming out that, Wendy’s being in a sober house was triggered by her husband’s side relationship with his 33-year-old mistress, Sharina Hudson.

According to the sources, the two have been dating for over a decade, and during that time, Hudson has given Hunter several ultimatums to leave his wife of 22 years. However, sources say, Hunter has declined to do so because Williams pays all the bills. “She’s living in a very nice apartment in Manhattan he pays for, and he got her a studio in midtown for one of her many businesses that he supports,” the source continued. “He put her through school to be a massage therapist; he opened a kiosk for her at a mall in North Carolina where she’s from. He helped her set up a jewelry and clothing line online called VISH. But none of her businesses have been a success.” 

“Every time he takes Wendy to Miami for the weekend, Sharina travels separately and stays at another hotel down the street,” the source continued, adding that the host is ‘brainwashed.’ “Wendy knows about Sharina but is willing to put up with it as long as there’s an understanding that there will be no baby and she doesn’t get humiliated.” 

“He continues everything, he takes her phone, she has zero friends, she’s not in regular contact with her family. He controls every aspect of her life because he’s insecure,” the source said. “His only skill is spending her money, and the money trickles down to Sharina.” 

“Wendy’s attitude is disgusting, so no one has sympathy for her,” the source said. “She started deteriorating on the show in plain view, but fed her fans this story about Graves disease, and now it comes out that it was alcohol and drugs all along.”

So is the Graves disease not real?!

Source: Baller Alert