Cardi B Trademarks “Okurrrr”

Cardi B Trademarks “Okurrrr”

By lev radin

photo credit: lev radin // Shutterstock

It seems that Cardi B wants to get paid by anyone else who wants to use her infamous catchphrase,  “Okurrrr”

The rapper has filed paperwork to trademark the phrase for merchandising purposes, such as “paper goods, namely paper cups, posters.” She also wants to print the phrase on pants, shirts, and hoodies for a clothing line. The official trademark was with the three Rs and another version with just two. Okurrr or Okurr, it all belongs to Cardi B. 

I wonder how the Kardashians feel about this. They were the first to start the phrase.

Written by Clarke Jones

Source: Baller Alert