“Captain Marvel” Has a Great Opening Weekend with $455 Million Worldwide

“Captain Marvel” Has a Great Opening Weekend with $455 Million Worldwide

By Sitthipong Pengjan

photo credit: Sitthipong Penguin // Shutterstock

To my surprise, Marvel’s Captain Marvel had an amazing opening weekend, bringing in $455 million worldwide!

With numbers like these, Marvel’s first female solo superhero movie broke records, making it the 6th largest worldwide movie opening weekend in history, the second largest worldwide Marvel opening behind Avengers: Infinity War. Domestically, Captain Marvel becomes Marvel’s 7th largest opening weekend, and its second-largest domestic opening weekend behind Black Panther, which earned $202 million its opening weekend domestically in 2018.

Captain Marvel was first introduced to the world at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, after Thanos’s “snap heard around the world”, causing half of the Universe’s population to disappear. Right before Nick Fury disappeared, he was able to send one last message. When the symbol appeared on his device, may of us were wondering who the message went to. Who could help save our beloved Avengers from such a fate?! We soon found out, it was Captain Marvel who the message was sent to.

Written by Clarke Jones

Source: Vox