Democrats Are Coming for Trump! Impeachment On the Way?

Democrats Are Coming for Trump! Impeachment On the Way?

By Evan El-Amin

photo credit: Evan El-Amin // Shutterstock

The Democrats seemed to have started the process to get Trump out of the White House.

The investigations have began as the House Judiciary Committee is asking for documents from 81 people and entities in Trump’s circle. They’re looking into his campaign, businesses, transition and administration. The House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler says Trump has attacked the “core functions” of American democracy.

For example, Trump is being accused of pressuring then-chief of staff, John Kelly and White House counsel, Don McGahn to give his daughter Ivanka Trump security clearance. When both men refused to do so, Trump gave her the clearance himself, which is legal. The issue is, Ivanka claims her father had “no involvement” in her getting security clearances for her and her husband, Jared Kushner. There were clear objections to giving Kushner clearance, but Trump ordered it anyway.

Trump calls the whole investigation a “hoax,” since the Russian investigation is “crumbling.”

Written by Clarke Jones