Tommie Lee Cannot Leave Georgia Due to Child Abuse Case

Tommie Lee Cannot Leave Georgia Due to Child Abuse Case

By Kathy Hutchins

photo credit: Kathy Hutchins // Shutterstock

Tommy Lee of Love & Hip Hop is asking a judge for permission to move to LA for work but he is not for it.

She is currently out on bail for her child abuse case in Georgia, after she went to her daughter’s middle school in October, allegedly dragging her out of the classroom and slamming her into a metal locker. She was arrested twice in 24 hrs after being told to leave her daughter alone and not complying. 

Tommie currently wears an ankle monitor as a result of the arrest, something else she asked the judge to get rid of, again, he said no. 

The judge made note that her legal troubles date back 15 years with multiple convictions of theft, fraud, and deceptive conduct. Some situations occurring even while she was on probation. 

Safe to say, Tommy will be remaining in Georgia until this case is over. Tommy is facing 7 child abuse charges, 3 being felonies. If convicted on all 7, she could face 54 years in prison. 

Written by Clarke Jones