Update YNW Melly Murder Case: Killed His Friends, Framed It To Look Like Drive-By

Update YNW Melly Murder Case: Killed His Friends, Framed It To Look Like Drive-By

By ArtOlympic

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New rapper YNW Melly is looking at a life behind bars after this one. Police believe the rapper killed his two friends, but attempted to make it look like a drive-by. Melly and his friend Cortlen Henry have currently been charged with two counts of first-degree murder.

According to police, Henry drive to the ER on October 26th with his two shot friends in the car, looking for help. He claimed they were shot in a drive-by shooting. Both men were shot in the head, torso, and back, dying at the hospital.

Cortlen told police he and his two friends had just wrapped a late night studio session, and as he was pulling off the freeway, a car pulled up on his driver’s side and opened fire. Cops confirm there were 8 bullet holes along the right side of the vehicle, where Williams and Thomas sat. Cortlen wasn’t injured. As police looked deeper, they found a shell casing in the car, along with 8 matching shell casings in a different location. This is where police believe the actual shooting happened. They believe YNW and Henry shot the car up to make it look like a drive-by.

According the forensics, the initial shot came from inside the car, the left rear passenger side of the car where YNW was sitting. A surveillance footage from the recording studio shows YNW, Henry and the two other men getting into the car, YNW got into the back left seat.

Cops believe that Anthony Williams and Christopher Thomas Jr. were shot, YNW and Henry drove around with the bodies for a period of time before driving to the hospital.

Written by Clarke Jones

Source: TMZ