21 Savage Booked of Felony Theft

21 Savage Booked of Felony Theft

By Jamie Lamor Thompson

photo credit: Jamie Lamor Thompson // Shutterstock

21 Savage is in trouble again.

Back in 2016, 21 was booked to do a club gig in Southern Georgia. He got $9,500 upfront and got the rest, $7,500 when he showed up. But for some reason, 21 left without performing. The promoter says she lost $17,000. She filed a police report and and paperwork was filed for a felony warrant for theft by deception. The warrant sat for more than 2 years, until now.

21 turned himself in Friday morning to the Liberty County Sheriff’s Dept where he was booked on theft by deception.

He will either have his day in court or settle with the promoter for the $17,000. Being his current situation with ICE, Savage needs this to disappear. A felony could mess up his chances of staying in the U.S.

Written by Clarke Jones