What’s Next for 21 Savage After Being Released from ICE

What’s Next for 21 Savage After Being Released from ICE

By Jamie Lamor Thompson

photo credit: Jamie Lamor Thompson // Shutterstock

21 Savage was released on bond Wednesday from ICE. According to TMZ, once ICE released 21 yesterday, they told him they wouldnt deport him if he left the country voluntarily. He turned that down and decided to stay and fight in the country. He applied for the U-Visa back in 2017 and takes about 4 years for ICE to process it, so this may take awhile.

Sources now say, the decision to arrest and deport 21 savage was made months ago by Atlanta ICE. They decided they would arrest 21 and hold him without bond until he could be deported. This was all triggered due to them believing he was still a convicted felon. It gets interesting when ICE headquarters in DC got involved. D.C. ICE had already figured out 21 was not a felon and therefore should have been released on bond. But they ignored the expunged conviction and doubled down on keeping 21 in lockup. No word on why they kept him. 

Like mentioned earlier in the case, ICE was actually on the scene to arrest 21 when they were pulled over on Feb 3rd. It is unknown why they waited until Feb to arrest him if they made the decision months ago to arrest him. 

Next, 21’s application to stay here in the U.S. will be processed and his lawyers are certain it will be approved because he qualifies on every count. In other words, he has dependents in the country, he has no convictions, and he’s been here more than 10 years. Here is where things get even more sticky. Its no surprise that Trump has changed the immigration laws since Obama and Bush were in office.

Trump wants to deport people who have pending visa applications, and allow them to come back once its approved.  

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Written by Clarke Jones

Source: TMZ