Rich the Kid Robbed at Studio

Rich the Kid Robbed at Studio

By litts

photo credit: litts// Shutterstock

Rich the Kidd was the target of a robbery last night while at the studio in West Hollywood, but he was untouched.

He and multiple member of his entourage were attacked, and one body guard was badly pistol whipped. Witnesses say as many as 10 shots were fired. Telling cops the man who opened fire was running away from the studio as he shot behind him.

Its unclear if the shots hit anyone, but the suspects made it away with tons of cash and jewelry 

Usher was in the same studio, but was unharmed. 

This the second time Rich has been the victim of a robbery. Last summer him and his girlfriend Tori Brixx were victims of a home invasion, both were hurt badly.

Written by Clarke Jones