Rapper Sheck Wes Accused of Beating & Stalking Ex-Girlfriend, Justine Skye

Rapper Sheck Wes Accused of Beating & Stalking Ex-Girlfriend, Justine Skye

By SD Mack

photo credit: SD Mack // Shutterstock

About a month ago, rumors started that rapper Sheck Wes had laid hands on former girlfriend and singer Justine Sky.

When asked about it in the past, Justine never confirmed that he abuser was Sheck because she felt it really wouldn’t matter or fix anything. She felt people would still support him, would still buy his music and would just turn a cold shoulder her to, thinking she was trying to ruin his career. During this time, Justine simply spoke out against domestic violence against women of all ages.

But things changed over Grammy weekend, when Justine claimed in a tweet that she was “taking a walk with my friends and my man and Sheck Wes (my abuser) and his friends decide to STALK US and attack my friends.. two cars full of n****s while he sat in the car like a bitch.” She continued, “You’re pathetic sheck and you beat women. You hit your girl before me and you’ll do it again.” The rapper broke his silence just after midnight … calling BS.

Sheck, who has not spoken on the situation at all, has decided to jump in the conversation to clear his name, tweeting “I’ve chosen to remain silent until now out of respect for actual victims of abuse. But I cannot stand by while lies are repeatedly told about me. I never hit or beat any women and I did not beat up or jump anybody.”

Justine quickly replied back to his tweets. Check it all out below

Written by Clarke Jones