Cops Searched Soulja Boy Home in Kidnapping Case

Cops Searched Soulja Boy Home in Kidnapping Case

By hurricanehank

photo credit: hurricane hank // Shutterstock

This week, a woman by the name of Kayla is claimed that rapper Soulja Boy aka Big Draco aka Big Soulja, beat her and then took her in his garage and tied her to a chair for 6 hours.

Soulja says this is a simple case of a woman scorned. She’s lying. Sources say the real story goes like this, Soulja had been dating Kayla but ended the relationship, which she was not feeling at all. They say Kayla came to Soulja’s house on Friday night, heavily under the influence, and crashed her car in his driveway, hitting the curb.

A crowd of people were partying inside the house and heard the crash. A woman who is Soulja’s manager then came outside and told Kayla she was not welcome and she should leave. Our sources say, Kayla then attacked the manager and the 2 began fighting. We’re told Soulja never went outside his home and never even saw Kayla. Kayla’s injures came from the fight with Soulja’s manager.

Being that kidnap is a serious allegation, the cops visited Soulja’s house with a search warrant on Friday morning looking for evidence.

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Written by Clarke Jones