Billy McFarland Ordered to Pay $3 Mil in Failed Fyre Fest

Billy McFarland Ordered to Pay $3 Mil in Failed Fyre Fest

By RomanR

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If you have not yet watched the Fyre Fest documentary on Neflix, i advise you to do so. There is also one of Hulu that Billy McFarland actually appears in but the Netflix one is better. 

Fire Fest was supposed to happen in April 2017, Billy wanted to put on a huge music fest similar to Coachella, but he wanted to do it all in a 6 month time span. Just so y’all know, Coachella is planned like a year and a half out, and thats minimum time. Billy wanted Fyre to happen in the Bahamas in 6 months. everyone told him it wasn’t going to work but he still pressed and it basically was a disaster. They have buyers sleeping in FEMA tents on gravel, eating cheese sandwiches. It wasn’t even on a beach. 

Billy was sentenced to 6 years in prison for wire fraud and was banned from being a business CEO ever again. 

Now, Billy has been ordered to pay $3 million to an investment company that got screwed over by his Fyre Fest. 

EHL Funding are suing Billy McFarland and Ja Rule for the $3 mil. Ja Rule claimed to be Billy’s partner in crime throughout the whole documentary, but took no fault when ash hit the fan, Billy took the full blame. The $3 mil was given to them less than 3 weeks before the fest was supposed to happen. The company won the lawsuit by default since Billy didnt respond. To be exact, he must give $2.8 mil and 30% interest which is another $840,000, which comes to about $3.8 mil. On top of that, he must pay the legal fees of the investment company. 

Collecting the money will be a little hard since Billy in serving a 6 year bid.

Fun Fact: He’s in the same prison as Mike, the Situation from Jersey Shore and Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer. 

Written by Clarke Jones

Source: TMZ