The Lakers Pull Out of Anthony Davis Trade Deal Because of “Outrageous” Requests

The Lakers Pull Out of Anthony Davis Trade Deal Because of “Outrageous” Requests

By Natursports

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The deadline for NBA trading is quickly approaching, as team hurry to figure out what deals they’re willing to make.

The Lakers were in heavy talks with the Pelicans about Anthony Davis, but the Lakers have decided to pull out of the conversation due to “outrageous” trade requests. Magic Johnson, the Lakers’ president of basketball operations, said that the Lakers made their best offer and are not willing to add anything else to the deal.

So far, the Lakers were cool with giving up their entire young roster, Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart and Ivica Zubac to the Pelicans, as well as veteran guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. Along with two first-round draft picks, and also were offering to give the Pelicans the salary-cap relief they wanted by taking back Solomon Hill, who has another year left on his deal after this season for $12.7 million.

The deal went left when the Pelicans wanted 6-8 draft picks for Davis, something the Lakers were not willing to give.

“They wanted more and more and more,” one source said. “There was no more to give. They had cap-relief with Hill being in the deal. But the more they wanted, the more it became outrageous and unrealistic.”

Davis has already made it known that even if he does finish this last season out with the Pelicans, in 2020, when he is a free agent, he wants to become a Laker.

Written by Clarke Jones

Source: LA Times