R. Kelly Banned from Philly by City Officials

R. Kelly Banned from Philly by City Officials

By Jamie Lamor Thompson

photo credit: Jamie Lamor Thompson // Shutterstock

After the showing of Surviving R. Kelly, the city of Philadelphia has decided to ban R. Kelly.

Councilwoman Helen Gym brought the idea to the table on January 25th, and today she released an official statement about the matter.

“Its about being clear that we will not accept a future where rape is accepted, and rapists and sexual predators get away with their acts. I believe that R. Kelly and predators like him should be shamed and banished from the public sphere.”

Even though Kelly has not been declared “guilty” by any courts, Philly is not playing any games. If he does touch down in the city, Kelly will not be arrested or removed.

Written by Clarke Jones