Nick Cannon To Temporarily Host the Wendy Williams Show

Nick Cannon To Temporarily Host the Wendy Williams Show

By taniavolobueva

photo credit: taniavolobueva // Shutterstock

Last year, Wendy Williams was diagnosed with Graves disease, an autoimmune disease caused by the overproduction of hormones of the thyroid. The show has been running re-runs since December, but now Nick Cannon will be temporarily guest hosting the show as Wendy takes a break.

Earlier this month, she released a statement saying she will be taking a leave indefinitely from her show and would be spending “significant time” in the hospital due to serious complications from the disease.

Today, an official statement was released making its announcement about Nick Cannon being the first guest host Monday February 4th-Wednesday Feb 6th. So it seems Nick will be the first of many guest hosts coming up. Exciting!

The show’s new hour-long format will still include some of Wendy’s staple segments like “Hot Topics” and “Ask Wendy,” along with Celebrity Interviews. No word yet on when Wendy is expected to return.

Written by Clarke Jones