R. Kelly Beats Another Case

R. Kelly Beats Another Case

By Jamie Lamor Thompson

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A woman in New York filed a criminal report against R. Kelly and sued him in May claiming he initiated “unwanted sexual contact” and had “abusive sex” with her in a Long Island hotel room after flying her to his concert in NY. R. Kelly will not face any charges in the case. The woman says although they engaged in oral sex and sexual intercourse, it was without any verbal or physical resistance. 

Based off this, and no video or photo evidence of them at the hotel, cops say the allegations to be “unprosecutable due to a lack of criminality.” The case was never even referred to the DA’s office for prosecution, so the case has been closer since last year. 

According to TMZ, Rodgers secretly recorded R. Kelly in an attempt to get him to confess to sexually abusing her when she was 19 … as well as forcing her to do drugs and alcohol and giving her an STD.

She also filed a criminal complaint in Dallas, but that case was recently closed for jurisdiction issues.

Rodgers’ civil case against R. Kelly is still active.