Dollar General Robbers Go Before Judge

Dollar General Robbers Go Before Judge

By Ken Wolter

photo credit: Ken Wolter // Shutterstock

Three men known as the “Dollar General Robbers”, two brother and a third man, have been charged on Tuesday morning for the slew of robberies against the dollar store chain dating back to November. Greenville police arrested Trivanti Teele, 36, Marcus Speller, 27, and Tony Speller, 25, Sunday night after they say they were seen casing the Dollar General in Bethel.

The first robbery happened on November 28th at the Dollar General on Charles Blvd in Greenville. The next happened on December 15th at the Dollar General on Hwy 13 south in Snow Hill. The third occurred on January 5th at the Hwy 33 west store on Pitt County. Police say they also attempted to rob the store on Dickinson Ave in Greenville this month.

A judge set Teele’s bond at $110,000. The man plans to hire his own attorney. The Speller brothers are both being held on $75,000 bonds. The judge said he will appoint them attorneys.

All three men have next court dates set for February 6th.

Written by Clarke Jones

Source: WNCT