Chris Brown Detained in Paris After Claims of Rape

Chris Brown Detained in Paris After Claims of Rape

By Jaguar PS

photo credit: Jaguar PS // Shutterstock

Chris Brown and two members of his crew have been detained by French police after a woman claims she was raped by him in a hotel. He is in custody for alleged aggravated rape and narcotics offenses.

The woman says she met Chris on Jan 15-16 at club Le Crystal and went back to his room at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel where she claims she was raped. Investigators have two days to file preliminary charges or they’ll have to left Chris go.

Back in May, Chris was hit with a rape charge from a woman claimed she was raped at a party at the singers house. She claims to have met Chris and friends at the studio and went back to his house to a party that had Molly, cocaine and weed, where she was raped by one of his friends.

LAPD could not determine if the sex was consensual or forced. The lawsuit is ongoing.

Written by Clarke Jones