Post Malone Alerts His Fans to Help Him Stay “Mentally Stable”

Post Malone Alerts His Fans to Help Him Stay “Mentally Stable”

Photo Credit: Ben Houdijk // Shutterstock

Post Malone took to Twitter and decided to create a message about his mental health on Sunday, begging his fans and followers to “let me live.” The tweet read, “If Y’all are actually my fans and friends and love and want me to be mentally stable, can y’all please me live? I’m trying my best here. That’s all I can.”

Currently, it is unclear on what caused Post Malone to create this tweet. Thousands of his fans responded to him with sympathetic words and messages about how they appreciate him. This tweet was his first words since he performed at the Barclay Center on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Even with Ryan Seacrest.

Compared to many other artists, at least he is reaching out even though it unclear on why he tweeted what he did. Hopefully, things will get better. Post Malone next performance is arranged for February 1 at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, GA.

Written By: Fantasia Nicole