Hurricane Florence Help Deadline Approaching

Hurricane Florence  Help Deadline Approaching

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Hurricane Florence did a lot of damage to a lot of homes; however, you still have time to get help. According to WITN, “The deadline for Hurrican Florence victims to apply for help in rebuilding their homes is quickly approaching. Governor Roy Cooper is urging those who need help with repairs to their homes to sign up for the STEP program.”

The Sheltering and Temporary Essential Power also know as STEP Program gives temporary, or partial repairs at no sots to homeowners. This will help allow individuals to return home quicker whole long-term repairs are underway. This program is designed to provide repairs to homes that received approximately $17,000 of damage or less in Hurricane Florence.

Keep in mind the deadline to sign up for STEP is January 17th. More information can be found at

Source: WITN

Written By: Fantasia Nicole