Should Santa’s Look Change?

Should Santa’s Look Change?

By Roman Samborskyi

photo credit: Roman Samborskyi // Shutterstock

With a whole new generation comes a whole new look at old ideas. With that being said, some people think the current version of Santa needs to be changed. It now brings up the question: should Santa now be gender-neutral?

Graphic Springs, a logo design company asked 400 people in the U.S. and U.K. how they would rebrand Santa. Then they had 4,000 people vote on their suggestions.

Results of the survey found that 11 percent said he should be female, while 17 percent approved of a gender-neutral Father Christmas. 20 percent of those surveyed think a modern-day Santa should have tattoos; 18 percent want him to wear skinny jeans; 25 percent think he should start wearing sneakers. However, an overwhelming majority, 72 percent, said Santa should be a man.

I must say a new hip Santa with tattoos would be pretty cool.
Written by Clarke Jones