Bullying Puts 12-Year-Old Boy in ICU with Brain Bleed

Bullying Puts 12-Year-Old Boy in ICU with Brain Bleed

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Titus White, 12, was a victim of extreme bullying last month during a class field trip that resulted in him being in the ICU. Titus is a 7th grader at Folsom Middle School in California. During the field trip, another classmate began picking on Titus which lead him trying to escape in a nearby bathroom for safety. But the bully attacked him, shoving Titus into a metal pole.

Once home, Titus was complaining about extreme head pain. After calling an ambulance and being rushed to the hospital, it was found that Titus was suffering from a brain bleed. He stayed in the ICU for 3 days. Titus’s mother, Kendra, says her son now suffers from terrible headaches as they continue to monitor for more brain bleeds. Titus has not been back to school, being that the bully is still at school. The school has since ordered an outside investigation and admitted to not asking enough questions the first time around.

“I don’t understand. This seems very cut and dry to me,” Kendra Miller said. “Another student shoved my son’s head into a pole from behind; he didn’t even see it coming. And I don’t understand — what is there to further investigate?” Kendra believes her son was being bullied because of race, adding that they’ve made comments in the past about his hair.

Back in 2014, a 12-year-old who attended the same school committed suicide after years of bullying. The family received at $1 million settlement from the school district after arguing that the school failed to protect the boy. In Titus’s case, talks of expelling the bully are happening, but the only consequences the bully has received could be the 5 day minimum suspension. No word on exactly what the school has done with the bully.

The Sacramento NAACP President, Betty Williams says the case should be treated as a hate crime. “I’ve never in my life seen absolutely nothing happen to a child at this level of injury,” said Williams. “I think it’s ludicrous to think that we are to expect a change if we keep the same management in place.”

Written by Clarke Jones

Source: KCRA3