Offsets Alleged Side Chick Apologizes to Cardi B

Offsets Alleged Side Chick Apologizes to Cardi B

By hurricanehank

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On Wednesday, Cardi b announced that her and Migo member husband, Offset were no longer together. She took to Instagram to finally set the record straight explaining that things between her and Offset haven’t been right for a while now, and that they have ended things, but said she will always have love for him being that he is the father of her daughter.

After the post it seems someone grew guilty for ruining a happy home and took to the internet to apologize to Cardi B. The woman goes by the name of Summer Bunni, and she is an instagram chick. Earlier this week, Summer released text messages between her and Offset, which showed Offset asking her and rapper Cuban Doll for a 3some. Even said he would fly the two out.

So on Thursday, I log onto Twitter to see Summer has decided to post an apology video saying that she didnt know how serious the relationship was, adding that she hasn’t messed with him since the baby was born. Summer sheds a fear tears as she apologizes to Cardi B and her fans, telling the rapper that she is a genuine person and would never want to be the reason someone’s marriage ended.

It sounds crazy. I know. But its real. This chick is serious. Sad.

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There you go..peace and love

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Written by Clarke Jones