NC in Talks of Marijuana Legalization

NC in Talks of Marijuana Legalization

By visivastudio

photo credit: visivastudio // Shutterstock

North Carolina is one of 17 states that have still have not legalized marijuana in anyway, medically or recreationally. But that may change soon. A bill is in talk about legalizing mariujana possession up to 4 ounces with no legal consequences.

One of the bill’s co-sponsors, Paul Lowe Jr., said it’s about decriminalization more than legalizing the drug. “We’re criminalizing more and more people that probably shouldn’t be criminalized. Something should be done, but they shouldn’t be criminalized,” said Lowe. Others feel that if the drug is decriminalized, it would encourage more usage.

There are also talks to legalize medical use. NC Rep. Kelly Alexander says his legislation would provide a certification process for those seeking treatment. Allowing individual towns and cities to opt in or out of the law, similar to liquor sales.

Currently about 2 dozen states have medical legalization, while 10 states allow recreational use of marijuana.