US Sued for $60 Million After 1-Year-Old in Detention Center Later Dies

US Sued for $60 Million After 1-Year-Old in Detention Center Later Dies

By chatiyanon

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A mother has gotten her lawyers together to sue the SH*T out of the U.S. government after her 1-year-old infant died from a respiratory infection she developed her and her mother were detained in the South Texas Family Residential Center in Dilley, Texas. The legal team is accusing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement of releasing the pair while Mariee was still sick. The baby died 6 weeks later.

The legal team is giving the government 6 months to respond to the $60 million legal claim before they file a lawsuit.

“Having made the decision to jail small children, the U.S. government is responsible to provide living conditions that are safe, sanitary and appropriate,” Jones said. Advocates have long complained that medical care in Dilley is substandard and that detaining families damages their mental health. ICE has defended the care it provides at Dilley, saying detainees have access to medical professionals. Therefore, the team of Yazmin Juarez has also submitted a $40 million claim against the city of Eloy, Arizona which operates the Dilley detention center in agreement with ICE.

Dilley is currently being used to detain mothers and children.

Written by Clarke Jones

Source: WNCT