Jim Acosta Wins Bid to Get White House Credentials Back

Jim Acosta Wins Bid to Get White House Credentials Back

Photo Credit: Evan El-Amin // Shutterstock

We all know Trump has it out for SNN White House Correspondent Jim Acosta. So a federal judge has just ordered the White House to give Acosta his press credentials back. According to TMZ, “The judge did not base his core ruling off the First Amendment but rather the Due Process clause of the 5tAmendmentnt. The judge said the decision revoke the pass was so shrouded in mystery that the government could not tell me…who made the decision.”

The judge made it clear that Trump had no obligation to call on Acosta during White House news conferences but Acosta has a right to due process before his hard pass can be revoked.

CNN and its chief White House reporter, Jim Acosta, sued Trump Tuesday after Acosta’s hard pass was taken following aggressive questioning last week during a press conference. In court CNN argued in court Trump was infringing Acosta’s 1st and 5th Amendment rights by pulling press pass.

Trump’s White House lawyers responded by saying Trump can pick and choose who gets on White House grounds to cover his administration.

Source: TMZ

Written By: Fantasia Nicole