Houston Rockets Part Ways With Carmelo Anthony

Houston Rockets Part Ways With Carmelo Anthony

By Andrew Makedonski

photo credit: Andrew Makedonski // Shutterstock

After 10 games, the Houston Rockets have decided to let go of Carmelo Anthony. Melo will remain on the roster but will not rejoin the team. If he wishes to continue to play, he has been offered a position on Puerto Rico’s national team.

After Hurricane Maria, the team is still rebuilding with little funds and no practice court, but they do have their No. 15 jersey waiting on Melo.

“With his connection to Puerto Rico, his NBA stardom and his experiences, our fans would love it,” said Dallas Mavericks guard J.J. Barea, who has been a cornerstone of the national team and a tireless advocate in Puerto Rico’s relief efforts. “We tried a bunch to get him in the past, but of course nobody blamed him for playing for Team USA. But if he ever wants a chance to represent us, it would be awesome to have him.” Melo’s father is actually of Puerto Rican decent, so he has spend some time in the U.S. territory, along with doing charity work there as well.

In his career, Melo has won three Olympic gold medals and bronze with Team USA before announcing his retirement in 2016. Anthony stands as Team USA’s all-time Olympic scoring leader with 336 points.

“I’m a big fan of Carmelo not only as a basketball player, but more importantly as one of our Puerto Rican heroes,” Yum Ramos told ESPN. “He and his foundation have done a lot for Puerto Rico. I think along with J.J. Barea, Carmelo could make a huge impact on the team and help lift the spirits of our country.”

We’ll have to see what Melo decides to do!

Written by Clarke Jones

Source: ESPN