Is it Time for Coach Mo to Go?

Is it Time for Coach Mo to Go?

East Carolina head football coach Scottie Montgomery is about to wrap up his third season in Greenville. His today record as of now is 8 and
25. Only eight wins in three seasons. His first two seasons the team finished 3-9 both seasons. This season the team is currently 2-7 and
is on pace to finished at 3-9 again.

The team plays UCONN this Saturday night who happens to be even worse than ECU at 1-9.  The Pirates should win this game UCONN is the only team Coach Mo has beaten the last two years. The stadium will be almost empty for Saturday’s game. Most fans have given up on the team and stop going to games. The last two games had only around 15,000 fans in the stadium that holds 50,000. This game will probably have less than 10,000.

So is it time for Mo to Go.  I say yes. Coach Mo is a great guy and probably a great coach, but this was not meant for him. He gave it a try and did his best but college football is a business and you must win and he is not doing it. The fans know this is not Alabama or Ohio State so they are not expecting national championships but the expect the team to win 7-9 games every year and go to a bowl.

That has not happened in five years. Coach Mo made a guarantee last year that the team will go to a bowl this year and with the loss to Tulane last Saturday the pirates are not eligible to go to a bowl game this year.

Written By: Keith Combs