Man in Warsaw Waffle House Video Found Guilty

Man in Warsaw Waffle House Video Found Guilty

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The black man at the cent of the viral video where he appeared to resist arrest at the Waffle House in Warsaw was found guilty today (Thursday) in a Kenansville court.

NewsChannel 12’s Christina Thompson was present in the Kenansville courtroom for the trail. According to WCTI the trail, “had no jury because it was a misdemeanor trial where the judge renders a verdict. The judge found Anthony Wall guilty of resisting arrest and resisting a public officer.

Also, the judge gave Anthony 18 months supervised probation, 48 hours of community service and he will also have to take anger management classes. The video went viral in May. Anthony was being discriminated against. Warsaw Police Officer Frank Moss was seen outside of the Waffle House putting his hand on Anthony’s throat to try to subdue him during the altercation.

Some prosecution witnesses said they hear Antony saying racial slurs, “get your white hand off me.” they also showed many videos of that night, including Snapchats from customers, camera video of the physical altercation between the officer and Anthony.

The officer describes the choke hold as a technique he learned in police school. He said he was trying to find a “pressure point” like an area to get Anthony to calm down.

Another one bites the dust!

Source: WCTI

Written By: Fantasia Harvey