12 Killed in California Bar Shooting

12 Killed in California Bar Shooting

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A shooting took place at the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, California on Wednesday night, killing 12 people. Eyewitnesses tell CNN that the shooter opened fire in the packed bar on what was college night. About 21 others were injured and have since been treated and release from the hospital.

The suspect, who has been indented as 28-year-old Ian David Long, a US Marine Corp Veteran, was killed during the incident. Long was dead when officers arrived on the scene, suspected of shooting himself. The Ventura County Sheriff’s office revealed they have had “minor” run-ins with Long in the past,

“We’ve had several contacts with Mr. Long over the years, minor events, a traffic collision. He was a victim of a battery at a local bar in 2015. In April of this year, deputies were called to his house for a subject disturbing. They went to the house, they talked to him. He was somewhat irate. Acting a little irrationally. They called out our crisis intervention team, our mental health specialists who met with him, talked to him and cleared him. Didn’t feel he was qualified to be taken under 5150. And he was left at that scene last April,” the sheriff said.

A .45 caliber glock has been identified as the weapon used. No motive has yet been found.

Written by Clarke Jones

Source: CNN