Apple’s iOS 12.1 Brings Group FaceTime: Launching Today!

Apple’s iOS 12.1 Brings Group FaceTime: Launching Today!

Photo Credit: 2p2play // Shutterstock

Listen, Apple got tired of people asking! Apple users have been asking Apple to give up group FaceTime for the longest and it is finally happening. Users kept asking, they gave up new emojis. Users asked again, they gave up wireless headphones and more new emojis. But it is about time!

Apple is allowing group FaceTime. This will allow you to FaceTime from 2 – 32 people at once. We are not sure who wants to talk to so many people all at once; But, Apple is tired of everyone asking and just said, “Here you go.” The update will have several features such as automatically bringing the person who is talking on FaceTime to the front, while those who are not active will be moved to the bottom of the screen.

Via Apple, “FaceTime is changing the way people communicate and share important moments, now ith Group FaceTime, it’s easy to chat with more people than ever before.”

Source: Apple

Written By: Fantasia Harvey