After Backlash over “Blackface Comments” Megyn Kelly Show to End in December

After Backlash over “Blackface Comments” Megyn Kelly Show to End in December

By JStone

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Megyn Kelly is already preparing herself to leave NBC’s Today. She caused a lot of controversy by defending blackface, and reports are claiming her show was out the door anyway. A source reported to PEOPLE magazine about the future of Megyn Kelly Today and they said, “She is expecting to leave the Today show at the end of the session in December.”

in the wake of Megyn’s blackface controversy, many of the Today show is displeased with her. Late Wednesday it was also revealed that Megyn and her agency CAA parted ways after her comments. The talent agency reported this information to the Hollywood Reporter.

This all started Tuesday morning when Megyn decided to question whether wearing blackface as part of a Halloween costume is actually racist. She said, “But what is racist? Because truly do you get o trouble if you a white person who puts on blackface at Haloween or a black person who puts on a white face Halloween. Back when I was a kid, that was ok as long as you were dressing up like a character.”

Megyn apologizes for her comment first in an internal email to her colleagues and then on the air, but that does not change anything, she is continuing to receive backlash.

Well, Bye Megyn!

Source: PEOPLE Magazine

Written By: Fantasia Harvey