Netflix Denies Using Race to Target Viewers

Netflix Denies Using Race to Target Viewers

Photo Credit: r.classen // Shutterstock

Netflix wants everyone to know that their company does NOT use race or skin color to determine how to market the same movie to different ethnicities. In a recent email, a Netflix spokesperson states, “Reports that we look at demographics when personalizing artwork are untrue.”

The company is also claiming they do not ask members for their race, gender, or ethnicity so they cannot use that information to personalize individuals Netflix experience. The only information that is used is a member viewing history.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, “Netflix is responding to Twitter users who noted that marketing materials sent to black users were featuring images of black actors, even when those actors had minor roles, while white users were getting images of white actors.”

The company is known for its personalized recommendation system that series to put the right movie and TV titles in front of the users that will appreciate them most; however, it is said in a blog post last year it was also rolling out “artwork personalization.”

If this was true and Netflix only showed black actors to their black audiences – would you be offended?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Written By: Fantasia Harvey