Hear Bri Steves Live Today at 5pm with Jay Blaze and ClarkJones!

Hear Bri Steves Live Today at 5pm with Jay Blaze and ClarkJones!

Photo Credit:  Jamie Lamor Thompso  // Shutterstock

Everybody might remember seeing Bri Steves during BET Hip Hop Award 2018 Cypher. But if you remember at last year’s Made in American festival Bri Steves who a recent graduate of Temple University found herself on stage when Kendrick Lamar brought her out during his triumphant headlining set.

While on stage Bri performed her first single, “Jealousy.” She is the lastest rapper to come out of Philly. When she wrote jealousy she says, “When I wrote the song, I was going through a tough time with my es. His friends would go through my social media and come to him with all kinds of bulls***. I’m very aggressive, and I say off the wall things sometimes.”

Her music is compared to Lauryn Hill sometimes. She has that voice and that vibe. Before she gotten college music was always her passion. She did not start recording until she got into high school.

That’s how her hit Jealousy came all together.  Bri Steves explains with her music she wants to create a voice for the type of woman she represents: a bold and unafraid woman, who demands respect but still has a softer side.

She is currently working on some upcoming projects that will be coming real soon. The story began in East Falls in Philadelphia, the rest was all history!

Check out the podcast and hear what Bri Steves has to say!

Written By: Fantasia Harvey