T.I. Prosecutors Drop Assault Charge with Security Guard

T.I. Prosecutors Drop Assault Charge with Security Guard

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T.I. catches a break after prosecutors decide to drop his assault charge in the case where most people believe it was racially motivated. He was arrested back in May after getting into a confrontation with a guard in his gated community just right outside of Atlanta. the security guard demanded T.I. to show his ID and when T.I. followed directions the guard would not let him in.

T.I. told the guard over and over, “You’re making it worse for yourself, man…You’re gonna have to deal with me.” Via TMZ, “Apparently cops thoughts was a criminal threat and arrested him for assault. Well, that dog doesn’t hunt, so prosecutors have decided to drop the charge.”

However, T.I. still faces 3 counts of misdemeanor disorderly conduct and one count of misdemeanor public drunkenness. He just cannot catch a break.

Source: TMZ

Written By: Fantasia Harvey