NBA Beats Out NFL As American’s Favorite Sports Pastime

NBA Beats Out NFL As American’s Favorite Sports Pastime

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A new study has revealed that the NBA is becoming American’s favorite pastime. Based on a new Twitter Study, NBA has been the most talked about sport in 2018 so far. While LeBron James was the most popular athlete anClevelandevanld Cavaliers were the most talked about team.

According to Baller Alert, “The word “pastime” used t mean a hobby that people went out and participate in but today it has formed into more what society is most interested in, such as sharing stats, recording reaction videos and other non-physical activities. This has created a new playing field for what pastime means in modern times. American’s favorite pastime was once MLB, then became the NFL and now the NBA.”

We all know NFL has been a longtime favorite of the USA, however, the love for NBA is growing and the NFL ongoing protest has put basketball on a higher pedestal. Annually the NFL would bring in $13 billion after holidays are factored in. But since the protest against police brutality was started by Colin Kaepernick, NFL ratings have decreased tremendously.

Within in the next five years, it is predicted that the NBA will be North America’s new favorite sports pastime. Imagine that.

Source: Baller Alert

Written By: Fantasia Harvey