Mega Million Jackpot Reaches $900 million

Mega Million Jackpot Reaches $900 million

By Annette Shaff

photo credit: Annette Shaff // Shutterstock

The Mega Million jackpot has now reached a high of $900 million after no one won on Tuesday night. This prize has become the second-largest payout in U.S. lottery history. If one person wins it all, they’ll be lucky enough to walk away with $513 million cash lump sum.

The prize has been soaring higher and higher since July when 11 co-workers from California shared a jackpot of $543 million.

Back in 2016, the Powerball reached a high of $1.59 billion, eventually being split by 3 winners. Tuesdays pot did have a few winners. Nine people matched the 5 white ball numbers, 3, 45, 49, 61, 69, winning $1 million each.

The next drawing is on Friday.