Woman Claims Rich the Kid is the Father of 5-Year-Old

Woman Claims Rich the Kid is the Father of 5-Year-Old

By Shawn Hempe

photo credit: Shawn Hempel // Shutterstock

A woman by the name of Candis Watts is suing rapper Rich the Kid over claims of paternity of her 5-year-old daughter, D’Jean Watts.

Candis says her and Rich were in a relationship after meeting in 2011, that lead to the birth of their daughter in 2013. Candis says their relationship was full of dysfunction and toxicity, something both of their families can attest to. She says that Rich missed the birth of their daughter, but did later visit and did admit to being her father even though his name is not on the birth certificate. Candis adds that the baby went to stay with Rich’s family for 3 months while Candis was dealing with financial issues.

According to Candis, Rich has not offered to pay any of the baby’s medical bills. The last “payment” she received was on Feb. 6th, 2018 for $800 and before that, around March she got $420 so her car wouldn’t be repo’d. Candis now wants Rich to acknowledge the baby as his and she wants financial help, especially since she only makes $2,000 a month.

Written by Clarke Jones