Fran Drescher Wants Cardi B to Play Her Daughter in “The Nanny”

Fran Drescher Wants Cardi B to Play Her Daughter in “The Nanny”

By s_bukley

photo credit: s_bukley // Shutterstock

During a recent interview with People’s TV Chatter, Fran Drescher spoke about a possible reboot of her 90s show, “The Nanny.”

“I’m totally down with doing it,” she said, “I don’t know what is going on with some of these networks out there because they do not seem to be hip to the fact that there’s an obsession amongst millennial for the show and moi!”

To make it even better, Fran wants Cardi B play her daughter in the reboot after seeing Cardi sport a cheetah outfit during Milan’s Fashion Week, playing homage to the fashion icon. “I wanna do a sitcom with Cardi B,” she said. “Wouldn’t she be great as my daughter?”

“I was so flattered,” she said of the outfit and caption, which read, “Fran Drescher in #DolceGabbana.” “And then I got my juices flowing and thought, ‘Wait a minute, she’s from New York, we both have funny voices, she could be my daughter,” she said, adding that she wouldn’t be related to Maxwell Sheffield. “Not from me and Mr. Sheffield,” she said. “I would have to have a man of color. I’m down with the brothers.”

Fran says the idea is still up in the air and being discussed with the show’s co-creator aka her ex-husband.

“We’re talking about it,” Fran said in June. “Peter [Marc Jacob] and I are talking about it. We’re working on a very big project. IT’s going to be very exciting for the fans, but I’m not at liberty to announce it yet. But it’s going to be big.”

Written by Clarke Jones