Amber Rose Allows Her 5-Year-Old to Curse

Amber Rose Allows Her 5-Year-Old to Curse

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Parenting is a touchy subject that some people would rather stay away from, but Amber Rose is speaking on a few of her parenting points.

She revealed that she allows her 5-year-old son with Wiz, Sebastian, curse in the house. She says it is a form of expression. “I let my son curse in the house because it’s a form of expression,” Amber told Us Weekly. “I tell him when it’s appropriate and not to say it at school. That’s it.” Sebastian is allowed to basically say anything other than the n-word, something she says he picked up from his rapper father.

Amber is already prepared for the future of awkward talks with her son when the time is right. She is ready to have the sex talk, and the importance of condoms. “I’m going to put them in his drawer next to the bed and be like, ‘I don’t want you to have sex right now, but if you do, this is how to protect yourself,’” she said.

Amber speaks a lot about how open her household is. Sharing that her son sees her naked all the time, he knows about things such as periods and Amber even has a few art pieces around her house of vaginas. She says her son will be taught all basics and norms of the human body and life at age appropriate times.

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Source: The Shaderoom