‘Venom’ Breaks the Box Office, Plus Review of the Movie

‘Venom’ Breaks the Box Office, Plus Review of the Movie

By Faiz Zaki

photo credit: Faiz Zaki // Shutterstock

Marvel fans broke the box office once again this year, as Venom racked up $205.2 million globally, becoming the biggest October opening in HISTORY worldwide. About $80 million of that was from right here in the United States. Even though it seemed Venom would be the underdog this weekend, with highly doubting reviews, the film blew Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s “A Star is Born” remake out of the water, which brought in around $41.3 million in the U.S. for its opening.

If you’ve seen the 2007 Spider-Man 3 edition of Venom, be prepared for a whole new look and storyline. In the world of Spider-Man, we see the liquid-like symbiote attach itself to Spider-man, who becomes its host for survival. After detaching from Spider-man, it finds Eddie Brock, who hates Peter Parker for getting him fired from his job at the newspaper. Brock then becomes the Venom we all know and an archenemy of Spider-Man.

Well, throw all of those expectations out the window before seeing the new movie. We are no longer in the Spider-man world, and there is no Peter Parker. In our new 2018 version of Venom, Eddie Brock is a well-known journalist with his own show on a big station. While trying to take down Carlton Drake, the power, notorious and murdering founder of the Life Foundation, Eddie gets fired from his job at the station. Eddie is then approached by a woman at the Life Foundation who has had enough of Drake’s human experimenting. This is when Eddie comes in contact with the symbiote known as Venom, and merges with it accidentally. From here, the story of Venom and Eddie Brock begins. And yes, they are two different beings in one body.

I hate people who spoil movies, so I won’t give anything away, but this is definitely a movie to see! Ive been a fan of Vemon since Spider-Man, so a movie of his own was something I rushed out to see. Even though it is now operate from the Spider-Man world, I’m here for it. We can see more of what the symbiote has to offer fans outside of his encounters with Spidey. Tom Hardy does an AMAZING job as Eddie Brock and as host for Venom. And fun fact, Tom Hardy also plays the voice of Venom, who is constantly talking in Eddie Brock’s head. I know many people worry abut the CGI when it comes to movies like this but I am happy to say, the graphics are wonderfully done! The size, detail and movements of Venom’s physical form and liquid-form/extensions and are well done. I personally would love to see this movie in IMAX (which it also topped the box office of) just to see the realism more in the flesh.

This movie receives, 4/5 stars from Clarke Jones! Oh! And stay for a scene after the credits. You’re Welcome!