Meek Mill and Michael Rubin Wants to Free 1 Million People From Prison [Video]

Meek Mill and Michael Rubin Wants to Free 1 Million People From Prison [Video]

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Meek Mill knows how the criminal justice system works, and since his release in April, he has taken several strides to promote his new mission of fighting for criminal justice reform.

Meek made an appearance on the The Tonight Show with 76ers owner, Michael Rubin to discuss his personal issues with the court system and the foundation he and Michael have created together to fix the broken criminal justice system in America.

“People like myself, we actually get the bad end of the stick. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t be punished for criminal activity, or you should not go to jail if you commit a crime, but probation was designed for one to help better themselves,” Meek says. He has been on probation since he was 19 years old because back in 2008 Meek go convicted for drug possession, amongst other things, which he says he was falsely accused of.

The organization has been in the works for months, Meek and Rubin and a few others are behind the efforts to make it happen. Their mission is simple, “How do we get a minimum of a million people out of the criminal justice system in the next five years? And how do we over the long term, cut the [prision] population in half?”

In addition to Meek efforts, he is also working on an upcoming six-part documentary series produced by Jay-Z’s Roc Nation in collaboration with Amazon Studios that is scheduled for release next year.

Source: Vulture

Written By: Fantasia Harvey