Machine Gun Kelly V.S. Eminem! The Beef is On! [Video]

Machine Gun Kelly V.S. Eminem! The Beef is On! [Video]

Photo Credit: Kobby Dagan // Shutterstock

After Eminem threw out the first lyrical punch with “Not Alike,” Machine Gun Kelly fired back with “Rap Devil,” a diss track of his own.  The beef started when Eminem called out MGK on the track from his recent album Kamikaze, rapping, “And I’m talking about you, but you already know what the f*** you are, Kelly/ I dont use sublime and sure as f*** doesn’t sneak-diss/ But Keep commenting on my daughter Hallie.”

Whem Eminem mentioned his daughter Hallie name-drop, he was in fact referring to an MGK tweet from 2012,in which MGK tweeted that Eminem’s daughter, Hallie, is “hot as f***.” The tweet was originally sent out on May 7, 2012. Whether it not MGK was trying to shoot his shot or just speaking his mind is up for debate.

Regardless, MGK’s words have come to haunt him until this day. MGK initially celebrated the mention of his name in Em’s “Not Alike” by popping a bottle of champagne via Instagram.

MGK unloaded on Eminem. One of the lines in MGK’s song references a beef that began six years,  “They told me you mad about a tweet/ You wanted me to say sorry/ I swear to God I ain’t elieved him/ Please say it ain’t so/ The big bad bully of the raps game cant take a f***ing joke/ Oh you want some f***ing smoke/ But not literally, you’ll choke,” MGK raps.

Check out the diss track below!

Written By: Fantasia Harvey