Chris Brown and His Baby Mama Nia Guzman Battle Over Child Support

Chris Brown and His Baby Mama Nia Guzman Battle Over Child Support

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Chris Brown’s baby mama, Nia Guzman, has gone back to court to demand more money for raising their 4-year-old daughter Royalty.

According to reports, Nia has hired Lisa Bloom and is now seeking over $21,000 per month. Currently, Chris pays $2,500 per month in child support plus an additional $4,000 for a nanny – who just so happens to be Nia’s mother. He also gets supervised visitation.

Via The blast, “According to the documents, Nia claims Brown has earned an average of $4,269,067 over the last two years, which can be broken down to just over $350,000 per month. Under the guidelines for child support in California, which is based off income, Nia believes she should receive $21,000 plus per month.“

Nia also claims she is owed $250,000 in retroactive child support. Chris believes Nia just wants more money for no particular reason and he plans on fighting her over the increase in court. Royalty’s mom explains how she has so many bills that she can’t afford anything extra on such a tight budget. This isn’t the first time Chris and Nia have been at odds over money.

Whatevcer the judges decides, let’s hope Chris keeps his frustration off social media, this can makes things a lot worse.

Source: The Blast

Written By: Fantasia Harvey