Tyga Sues Cash Money & Young Money Over Unpaid Royalties

Tyga Sues Cash Money & Young Money Over Unpaid Royalties

By hurricanehank

photo credit: hurricane hank // Shutterstock

Tyga is not stranger to expressing the fact that he has never seen a dime from the Cash Money label when it comes to his music. Well now, he’s coming for it. The “Rack City” rapper has filed a lawsuit against both Cash Money and Young Money for not paying him.

In 2009, Tyga signed a deal to produce 2 albums with Young Money, who was then a sub-label of Cash Money Records. The albums, “Careless World” and “Hotel California” both charted top 10 on the Billboard charts, but Tyga received no money after holding up his end of the deal. In 2016, Tyga says there was an agreement that he would be paid all of the royalties he was owed over the years, but still never received anything.

Tyga is asking for about $1 million. This lawsuit comes after Lil Wayne was just released from his Cash Money Record contract for basically the same reasons, unpaid money.

Written by Clarke Jones