Terry Crews Sued for $1 Million, Accused of Harassment and Defamation

Terry Crews Sued for $1 Million, Accused of Harassment and Defamation

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Terry Crews has another legal situation on his hands – and this time he is the one being accused of the wrongdoing. Terry is being accused of harassing the digital marketer hired to boost his online presence and cheating him out of more than $1 million in wages.

Via The Hollywood Reporter, Symbolic Web Media and Darwin Hall filed the complaint Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court. The plaintiffs say that in 1999, Crews was transitioning from former football player to aspiring actor and wanted assistance to enhance his online presence and obtain additional followers. Symbolic was allegedly hired for $55 an hour with compensation deferred until Crews “made it” in the industry.”

Terry has testified before Congress and is pursuing a lawsuit against WME and agent Adam Venit. Now, he is currently facing multiple claims as a defendant. In July 2013, Symbolic began to work for a separate client on a dating app for professional women.

Terry found out that Symbolic was working on the app and became angry. Terry said Symbolic could not continue to work with anyone that was LGBT on an app for the LGBT community. However, the app did not involve the LGBT community.

Via social media, Crews tells a different story.

Written By: Fantasia. H