South Florida Police Union Calls For Police To Boycott Miami Dolphins

South Florida Police Union Calls For Police To Boycott Miami Dolphins

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Less than four weeks ahead of the 2018-19 NFL football season, two police unions inSuth Florida are demanding their members boycott the Miami Dolphins due to their demonstration against police brutality and social injustice during the national anthem.

On Thursday, the Miami Dolphins went against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens to kick off the pre-season. Before the game, Dolphins receivers Albert Wilson and Keny Stills took a knee during the national anthem, while Robert Quinn raised his fist.

According to The Washington Post, “Although the dolphins had initially threatened to suspend players who take a knee, owner Stephen Ross has called that policy a “placeholder.” Although owners unilaterally imposed a policy of fining teams for players who protest, the NFL and NFLPA are trying to find common ground in a policy, with the season opener set for Sept.”

Broward County Police Benevolent Association Vice President, Rod Skirvin says, “It’s a slap in the face. We have a lot of police officers in the county who are ex-military. it’s not just a slap in the face to our military – past, and present – but to all law enforcement officers across the country. As long as the protest continues, we will protest out attendance at the Dolphins games and continue to stay away from the NFL and its products.”

Source: The Washington Post

Written By: Fantasia. H