Dru Hill Announces New Album and New Members

Dru Hill Announces New Album and New Members

By Jamie Lamor Thompson

photo credit: Jamie Lamor Thompson / Shutterstock

Drug Hill is Back! And with 2 new members.

The group is coming back for their 6th studio album, and have added 2 new people for the ride. Coming from the 90s R&B group Playa, Jawann “Smoke” Peacock and Benjamin “Black” Bush, will replace Dru Hill member, Larry “Jazz” Anthony. Jazz has decided to work on his solo career.

Dru Hill will now consist of Sisqo, Smoke, Black, Nokio, and Tao.

We are bringing our churchy, soulful vocals— which is the foundation of Playa’s legacy— and adding them to the legacy of Dru Hill,” Smoke told VIBE. “I feel like we bring a whole other concept of harmonies and melodies to the table… Fans should get ready because as of this fall, R&B is no longer dead.”

When the announcement hit, the picture below was posted, but people were more worried about why one members shoes were photoshopped on.

Written by Clarke Jones