Russell Simmons Sues Rape Accuser for $35,000 After Trial Dismissal

Russell Simmons Sues Rape Accuser for $35,000 After Trial Dismissal

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Russell Simmons is hitting back at a woman who accused him of rape in an attempt to recoup legal fees. He’s suing her for $35,000.

Back in March, Jane Doe, one of Russell’s accusers filed a $10 million lawsuit against Russell alleging that he raped her in a Sacramento, California hotel room in 1988. The lawsuit claims stated Russell is, “a dangerous sex predator,” also he allegedly threatened the woman prior to the rape saying, “I am going to f-k you… I’m going to f-k you or I’m going to f-k your son. You decide.”

According to The Blast, the lawsuit was ultimately dismissed because the statute of limitation of when the alleged rape occurred had passed. On Monday, Russell countersued Jane Doe to reclaim the $35,000 in legal fees that the dismissed lawsuit caused.

Russell says this is “outrageous and fictional and I vehemently deny all the allegations made against me,” Simmons said in an oft-repeated statement. “They have shocked me to my core as I have never been abusive or violent in any way in my relations with women. I have submitted myself to multiple lie detector tests. I denied forced sex and sexual harassment allegations brought against me in each test; I also answered no to the question, ‘Have you ever physically forced any woman to have sexual intercourse?’ I passed all of the lie detector tests.”

More than a dozen women have come forward with allegations of sexual assault against Russell, who has denied any wrongdoing in each case. Russell can afford the legal fees, he is just trying to make a statement.

Source: The Blast

Written By: Fantasia Harvey